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Moonstone is a wonderful gemstone that brings emotional balance and peace. It is a symbol of peace and higher consciousness. Moon stone is also known as Gonti and Chandrakant in Hindi.

Let us know about this miraculous gem.

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What is Moonstone?

Talking about the identity of Moonstone, it is a white colored stone with a blue glow. Mainly Chandrakanta stone is found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India and Madagascar.

Wearing this stone keeps the mind calm and balanced. Wearing this stone also reduces mental stress.

Benefits of Moonstone

By wearing this gem, both the mind and the mind remain calm and negativity and stress are removed. Apart from this, there are other benefits of Moon stone, such as:

This stone favors luck and removes negative energy and brings happiness around you. If you travel a lot or you like to travel from one place to another, then you must wear Moonstone. This stone protects you from unintentional danger. Moon stone awakens the six senses of a human being, which enables him to become a visionary.

Moonstone also enhances self-confidence and strengthens the decision-making ability of the wearer.

Wearing Moon stone also benefits in career and business.

Wearing this gemstone improves the love life of a person and removes all the problems in romantic relationships.

Moon stone also enhances your creativity. Moonstone also helps writers, artists, musicians and people in other creative fields to grow.

Moon stone works to increase happiness and peace in the life of women.

This gem is called Chandra Mani and wearing it keeps one’s mind calm. Moon stone is a very positive gemstone which does not give any negative effect to the person wearing it. It means that wearing Moon stone will give you auspicious results. If you have a phobia of something and want to get rid of it, then you can wear Moon stone because this stone balances your mind and brain, which removes all kinds of fear sitting inside the mind.

Moon stone protects from evil eye and protects from diseases and disorders. It means that if you are sick or wish to be always healthy, then Moon stone can help you in this task. This stone is also worn to get good and deep sleep. Due to this the mind remains calm and sleep comes well. People suffering from insomnia can wear Moon stone.  Moon stone sharpens the memory and helps in performing better in the fields related to art.

Health Benefits of Wearing Moonstone

Wearing Moon stone increases the fertility power of women and men. The effect of this stone can also help in the treatment of reproductive diseases of women. This stone is also worn for getting a son.

Apart from health, moonstone also has a positive effect on love life and romantic life. It can also be called the stone of romance. If there is a lack of romance in your life or you want to bring something new in your love, then Moon stone can help you in this task.

Which is the ruling planet of Moonstone?

Moon stone is the sub-stone of Moon and this stone is worn to get auspicious results related to Moon God. Moon is the karaka of the mind, so wearing this stone keeps the mind calm and the mind does not wander here and there. You can wear moon stone to please the moon god.

Which zodiac sign can wear moonstone

Moon stone is ruled by the Moon and its zodiac sign is Cancer. Therefore, the people of Cancer zodiac can wear Moon stone without any hesitation.

By the way, this stone does not give any negative effect to anyone, so any person can wear this stone.

Moonstone should be worn on which day?

It is a stone of the Moon and Monday is dedicated to the Moon god, so this stone should be worn on Mondays. Chandra Dev himself is a great devotee of Lord Shiva, so his Uparatna should be worn on Monday only.

Moonstone is the sub-stone of Pearl stone

The gem of the Moon planet is Moti i.e. Pearl Stone and its Uparatna is Moonstone. If a person is not able to wear a pearl stone due to any reason or he does not want to wear this stone, then he can wear moon stone instead.

How to wear Moonstone ring/necklace/locket

Moon stone is worn to balance the moonlight coming from the moon. This stone is worn on Monday night of Shukla Paksha. It is worn in silver metal on the little finger. You can wear it in gold or panchdhatu also. Moon stone must be worn in at least 5 rattis.

On Monday evening, sit on a clean seat in the place of worship of your house. Now sprinkle Gangajal on the moon stone and chant Om Chandraya Namah 108 times. After completing the chant, wear a moon stone ring or locket.

Where to get Moonstone – Buy moonstone online india

Any gem or stone benefits only when its quality is good. Genuine and high quality stone key should be worn otherwise there is no use in wearing it.

Moonstone will be sent to you by Jeewan Mantra after being energized by the mantras of the moon. So you can order Moon stone from Zohari.in without any hesitation.

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