green onyx stone
Onyx stone
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Onyx stone


Onyx stone is a gem of happiness, luck and emotionally strong. Wearing this powerful stone gives many astrological benefits. This stone is also very beneficial for health.

Let’s know about Onyx Stone.

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identification of onyx gemstone

Onyx ranges from 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. The density of this stone is 2.6 to 2.65 grams but the density of the stone may vary depending on the purity and type of the stone. This stone is green in color and looks like an emerald stone.

Benefits and Benefits of Onyx Gemstone

Onyx gemstone has many astrological and health benefits, such as:

This stone enhances the understanding and knowledge of the difference between life and death.
Wearing Onyx stone increases one’s confidence and awareness.
The effect of this stone helps in the proper functioning of the sensory and motor nervous system. It also enhances hearing ability and also removes diseases related to the inner part of the ear, weakness of the eyes and strengthens the immune system.
Onyx stone protects your body and soul from negativity. This stone is also worn to ward off the evil eye.
This gemstone can be worn to increase sexual desire and to increase love in romantic relationships. If there is a rift between husband and wife or love is decreasing in the relationship, then one can wear Onyx stone to avoid this difficulty.
It provides energy to the person and reduces physical and mental stress. Wearing this stone improves the decision making ability of the person.
Wearing Onyx strengthens and increases stamina. With the influence of this gem, a person is able to control himself.
This stone gives strength both physically and mentally. This also increases the confidence. Onyx stone removes sorrow and enables to take right decision. It brings happiness and good luck in life.
Onyx stone treats disorders related to bones, bone marrow and blood. It is also beneficial for teeth and feet.
Wearing this stone improves one’s ability to concentrate. This miraculous gem tries to make a person self-reliant.
If a person has weak eyes, then he should wear Onyx stone. It has the power to protect the body from many types of infections.
It removes anxiety, tension and restlessness and also removes complaints of confusion and nightmares. Wearing this stone gives strength to the person to fight the challenges.
which finger is worn

It is an emerald gemstone and is worn on the smallest finger i.e. the little finger just like the emerald stone. If you are not able to wear emerald stone due to any reason, then wear Onyx in your little finger instead.

what day is it worn

Onyx stone is worn on Tuesdays. This stone is related to the planet Mars and Tuesday is dedicated to this planet. For this reason Onyx stone is worn on Tuesdays.

What is the amount / who can hold

The Zodiac of Onyx Stone is Leo. The people who have Leo zodiac sign can wear this stone. Mars and Saturn are the lords of Onyx stone. Onyx stone is widely used in jewellery. Athletes are also advised to wear Onyx.

which planet is

Mars and Saturn are the ruling planets of this miraculous gem. If Mars or Saturn is sitting in a weak position in the horoscope or is not able to give good results, then onyx stone is worn to enhance the auspicious effect of these two planets.

what metal is it worn in

Onyx can be worn in silver, white gold and gold metal. You can also wear it in Panchadhatu. Onyx stone is worn on the little finger of the left hand. Onyx gemstone is also widely used in jewelery and you can wear it as necklace, ring, bracelet and pendant. This stone is mostly worn in silver metal.

onyx gems price

The price depends on the quality, color, clarity and origin of the stone. The clean and spotless the stone, the more valuable it will be. Onyx stone can cost from 200 to 500 rupees per ratti. After this, the price of Onyx gemstone increases depending on the quality and origin.

how to wear onyx gemstone

This stone is worn on Wednesday. After bathing on Wednesday morning, sit in the worship place of the house and keep the stone immersed in Gangajal. Now chant the mantra of Mercury ‘Om Bu Budhay Namah’ 108 times. Now take out the onyx stone and wear it in the little finger or neck.

Where to buy – Buy onyx stone online india

Any gem or stone benefits only when its quality is good. Genuine and high quality stone key should be worn otherwise there is no use in wearing it.

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