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Russian Citrine Gemstone
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Russian Citrine Gemstone


According to Vedic astrology, wearing a golden stone gives prosperity, increases the respect of a person in the society, increases in knowledge, improves health and also gives birth to a child.

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Topaz is worn as a gemstone. This gemstone is called citrine stone in English. This natural stone is yellow to Citrine in color. Gold is a semi-precious stone that belongs to the quartz mineral family.

Benefits of Citrine

The Citrine stone is known for its healing properties. The cost of this beautiful gemstone is also not high and many astrological benefits can also be obtained from it. Know about the benefits of citrine stone.

Being related to the planet of knowledge and prosperity, Citrine gives benefits in career and business. If you are incurring losses in business, unnecessary expenses keep happening and you are not able to get profit even from investment, then Citrine stone can change your day.

Wearing citrine stone increases self-confidence, due to which the wearer is successful in getting out of financial crisis by taking the right decision with his understanding.

The Citrine stone also enhances the learning ability of a person and by wearing this stone the analytical skills of the person are good.

Sunhla is considered very beneficial for the students. Wearing citrine helps people doing research and preparing for government jobs and competitive exams to achieve their goals.

The Citrine stone also has the power to strengthen relationships. Wearing this gemstone helps in eliminating the estrangement between relationships. Married couples who are facing problems in getting children, they are benefitted by wearing gold.

Citrine stone has a solar quality of energy. For this reason, healing crystals of gold are used to cure health problems related to the third chakra or solar plexus.

Citrine increases self-esteem and makes a person positive. This increases the energy in the body of the person. Citrine improves digestion and increases physical strength.

Citrine is also related to money gain. According to Feng Shui, this miracle stone works to attract money.

Citrine stone acts on the Manipura Chakra and increases energy. It eliminates the negative energy spread around the person.

This stone is beneficial in meditation, mental awareness and spiritual development.

Identification of Citrine – Citrine stone identification (Sunela ratan ki pehchan)

The Citrine stone varies in color from Citrine to yellow and the quality of this stone is judged on the basis of colour, clarity, cut and origin. This stone looks like topaz stone.

How to wear citrine ring/bracelet/stone

You should wear this stone of Jupiter Dev on Thursday only. With this, you can get maximum benefits of this miraculous gem.

The ring of citrine stone should be worn on the index finger of the right hand. It can be worn in gold metal or in Panchdhatu.

The Citrine stone should be worn on Thursday morning. After taking bath in the morning, sit in the worship place of the house and pour Gangajal, basil leaves, raw cow’s milk, honey and ghee in a copper bowl or vessel. Now put the Citrine stone in it.

After this, chant ‘Om Grand Green Grun Guruve Namah’ 108 times. Now take out the Citrine stone and clean it and wear it.

Which metal should be worn with Citrine

The ruling planet of Citrine Stone is Jupiter and the main gemstone of this planet is Topaz. The top jewel of Topaz is Citrine. It is best to wear this stone in silver and gold metal. Apart from this, you can also wear Citrine in Panchadhatu, Platinum and White Gold.

In which finger to wear Citrine Stone

This miraculous and natural stone should be worn on the index or ring finger. You can also wear this as a locket.

When to wear Citrine stone

The Citrine stone is the Uparatna of Topaz stone and the planet Jupiter is the lord of this gem. Being related to the god Jupiter, the Citrine stone is worn only on the day of Thursday.

Price of Citrine in india

The price depends on the quality of the stone. On the basis of the quality, size and origin of the Citrine stone, it is decided that what is the cost of the Citrine stone.

Citrine stone price in India can range from Rs 125 to Rs 400 per carat. After this, the price of citrine increases depending on the quality.

Who can wear Citrine stone

According to Vedic astrology, wearing gold makes the planet Jupiter strong in the horoscope and increases the knowledge, intelligence, financial status of the person. This gem also provides success in career.

The people of Sagittarius and Pisces can wear citrine stone. In western astrology, citrine stone is worn as the birthstone of Sagittarius. The people of Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio zodiac can also wear Citrine stone.

Where to buy – Buy citrine stone online India

Any gem or stone benefits only when its quality is good. Genuine and high quality stone key should be worn otherwise there is no use in wearing it.

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