Italian White Coral Stone
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Italian White Coral Stone


White coral stone is a symbol of peace, tranquility and change. White coral stone can be worn for happiness, peace and love in life. White coral represents happiness and joy and by wearing it, a person lives and enjoys his life freely.

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Wearing white coral gemstone can give following benefits to a person

White coral is very beneficial in diseases like back pain, asthma, cold, bronchitis, jaundice, leukorrhea and leucoderma.
By tying this stone on the navel of pregnant women, it is believed to avoid any kind of difficulty and miscarriage in pregnancy.
White coral is also worn for the treatment of allergies, cough, inflammation, chicken pox and impotence.
People who have difficulty in talking to others due to lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem or anxiety, they must wear white coral. This stone eliminates all kinds of anxiety and increases confidence in the person.
Wearing white coral stone improves metabolism and strengthens the immunity of the wearer.
People who have negative thoughts in their mind and who have a tendency to commit suicide, they get rid of such thoughts by wearing white coral.
Wearing white coral gives a person positive energy and a happy life.
This gemstone enhances the ability of the wearer to strengthen his relationships with others and helps in maintaining relationships with others.
According to astrology, White Coral is related to the planet Mars, which represents power, strength, anger and sensuality. This stone consists of 83% calcium carbonate and some amount of iron and magnesium. Calcium helps to strengthen bones and protect against diseases related to bones.
White coral can also be worn to get rid of blood related diseases.
white coral identification

Always buy good quality white coral stone. Good quality coral stone does not have any stains and its surface is absolutely clean. White Coral is found in Italy, Japan, Australia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Africa and the United States. White corals found in other places are of light quality.

White coral ranges from pure white to light off-white in color. Clear and shiny white coral is considered to be of the best variety.

price of white coral

The cost of white coral depends on its origin, colour, size, carat and purity. White Coral Gemstone can be found in India at Rs.250 per Ratti and after that its price may increase depending on the quality and origin.

who wears white coral

White Coral is related to Mars and in some places it is also associated with Venus. People in whose horoscope Mars is sitting in a weak position or is not able to give good results, they should wear white coral stone.

In Vedic astrology, people of Aries and Scorpio are advised to wear white coral. In western astrology, White Coral is known as the birth stone of Scorpio.

The people of Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer and Leo ascendant can also wear white coral.

on which day to wear white coral

White coral stone can be worn on Tuesday morning after bath. This gemstone is worn on Tuesday morning after chanting the Beej Mantra of Mangal 108 times.

In which finger should you wear white coral?

White coral ring should be worn on the ring finger for better and better results. You can also wear it as a bracelet or pendant.

In which metal should you wear white coral?

It is best to wear white coral in silver metal but you can wear it in gold and Panchdhatu as well.

how to wear white coral

Wake up early in the morning or take bath on any auspicious Tuesday of Shukla Paksha. Now sit in the place of worship of the house and immerse the white coral stone by pouring Gangajal in a vessel. Now chant Mangal Mantra ‘Om Angarkaya Namah’ 108 times. After that clean the stone and wear it.

what is the planet of white coral

According to Vedic astrology, the ruling planet of White Coral Stone is Mars. Due to its white color, some people tell it to be related to the planet Venus but this is not true. White coral is the gem of Mars itself.

amount of white coral

Being associated with Mars, White Coral Stone is associated with Aries and Scorpio. The people of these two zodiac signs can wear white coral.

where to get

Any gem or stone benefits only when its quality is good. Genuine and high quality stone key should be worn otherwise there is no use in wearing it.

White Coral Stone will be sent to you by Jeewan Mantra after being energized by the mantras of Mars. Hence you can order White Coral Stone without any hesitation from Jeewan Mantra.