Cat’s eye gemstone
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Cat’s eye gemstone


Not only does Lahusnia stone have astrological benefits, but it also benefits health in many ways. One of the simplest and most effective ways to remove the inauspicious effects of Ketu is to wear Lashunia gemstone. Lahsuniya stone helps in reducing the malefic effects of the malefic planet Ketu.

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In Vedic astrology, Ketu has been described as a shadow planet, which gives mostly inauspicious effects, but if you want to get auspicious effects from this inauspicious planet, then Lahsuniya stone can help you in this work. The malefic effects of Ketu can be eliminated with the help of this stone.

Lahusnia gemstone comes in yellowish beige color, honey-brown color and apple-green color. This stone is known for its amazing radiance.

Ketu is not the lord of any one zodiac sign, so in whichever zodiac it sits, it starts giving similar results. If the planet Ketu is weak or afflicted in the horoscope of a person, then some problem keeps on coming in that person’s life.

He is surrounded by sudden obstacles. When Ketu is afflicted, there is weakness in the feet of the person. The native does not get the love of his maternal grandmother.

Benefits of Lahsuniya stone – Lahsuniya stone (cat’s eye gemstone) benefits in Hindi

For those who try their luck in the stock market, Lahsuniya is nothing less than a boon. Those who do risky work or invest in risky sectors, their luck may shine brightly.

Even if your business is not gaining momentum or you are incurring losses and you are not able to make progress, then also Lahsuniya stone can prove to be beneficial for you.

Cat eye stone brings prosperity and success in professional life.

If your money is stuck somewhere or is not able to get out, then Lahusnia can help you in completing this task.

Lahusnia can also be worn to avoid evil eye and reduce its effect.

If Ketu is afflicted in the horoscope then the person’s life is filled with struggle. Lahusnia gemstone helps to ease this struggle and challenging life.

Wearing Cat’s Eye Stone leads to spirituality. His interest increases in religious and spiritual work.

This gem of Ketu can also be worn to strengthen the financial condition.

This miraculous gem also protects from road accident, fear from enemies, debt, poverty etc.

Health Benefits of Lasuniya Gemstone – cat’s eye gemstone health benefits in Hindi

Ketu’s Lahsuniya stone removes physical pains.

This stone also proves beneficial in dangerous and deadly diseases like paralysis, depression and cancer.

This stone, which pacifies the cruel planet Ketu, provides peace to the mind. By wearing this gemstone, the power of memory becomes sharp and also relieves from stress.

This stone helps in the treatment of blood related disorders, anemia, leukemia, bone cancer, skin diseases, asthma and dementia.

Effect of Lahsuniya on twelve zodiac signs – Lahsuniya ratna ka 12 rashiyon par prabhav

If Ketu is sitting in the fifth, sixth, ninth or twelfth house of the horoscope, then the people of Aries can wear garlic.


If Ketu is in the ninth or twelfth house in the horoscope of the person of Taurus, then Lahsuniya gem must be worn.


If Ketu is placed in the ninth, tenth or eleventh house of the horoscope, then the people of Gemini zodiac can wear the gem of this planet.

Cancer zodiac sign

When the shadow planet Ketu is placed in the sixth, ninth or eleventh house of the horoscope and is in a strong position in the horoscope, Cancer people can wear Lahunia.

Leo sun sign

If Ketu is placed in the 8th, 9th or 11th house, then Leo people can wear Lahunia. Leo people can wear this stone even when Ketu is in a decisive position.


If Ketu is in the fourth, ninth and third house in the horoscope of a Virgo person and is sitting in a strong position, then the people of this zodiac can wear Lahshuniya.


When Ketu is in the second, third and eleventh house, the people of Libra zodiac can wear Lahunia. At the same time, even if Ketu is in a strong position in the horoscope, Virgo can wear Lahunia.


To pacify Ketu located in the second, tenth and eleventh house of the horoscope, Scorpio people can wear garlic.


If Ketu is in the second, fourth, ninth and twelfth house then the people of Sagittarius can wear Lahunia. Lahsuniya is worn even when Ketu is in a decisive position.


In the horoscope of the people of Capricorn, Lahunia can be worn when Ketu is in the second, fourth, ninth and twelfth house and is in a dominant position.


When Ketu is in the second, tenth and eleventh house, the people of Aquarius can wear Lahusiya stone. Aquarius people can wear this stone even if Ketu is in a dominant position in the horoscope.


If Ketu is placed in the first, second, ninth and tenth house of the horoscope, then the Pisces sign can wear a ring or locket of Lahunia stone.

Effect on life of planet Ketu, the owner of Lahsuniya – Lahsuniya ratna ka ketu par prabhav

In Vedic astrology, Ketu is the lord of balance of karma, spirituality, righteousness. With the influence of Ketu, the person’s imaginative power increases and his luck is useful in many business. Also the person earns money from any source and lives a good life.

Ketu is a shadow planet which gives more pain and suffering to the person. Apart from troubling the affected person mentally and emotionally, it also causes physical problems at times.

Due to this, the person gets depression, anxiety and nightmares. Ketu having conjunction with Moon or

On the contrary, a person can also go insane. Lahusnia gemstone is worn only to reduce or destroy the inauspicious effects of this planet.

If you want to please Ketu or are suffering from the inauspicious effects of Ketu in your horoscope, then Lahsuniya stone can be useful for you. This gem removes the inauspicious effects of Ketu and gives its positive results and gives success and happiness in the areas related to Ketu.

Lahsuniya ratna kitte ratti ka pehne

How many Ratti to wear Lahusnia depends on the weight of the wearer. The easiest way to know how many Rattis you should wear Lahusnia gemstone is by looking at your weight.

Suppose your weight is 60 kg, then you will benefit from wearing 6 ratti of garlic. Generally, lehsuniya of 2.25 ratti to 10 ratti can be worn.

Lahsuniya stone should be worn in which metal – Lahsuniya kis dhatu me pehne

Wearing Ketu’s Lashunia stone in silver metal is most beneficial. Apart from this, you can also wear this stone in Panchadhatu.

Method of wearing Lahsuniya ratna – Lahsuniya ratna dharan vidhi in hindi

Lahusnia gemstone should be worn on Tuesday. Wearing garlic on Tuesdays of Shukla Paksha is more auspicious. On Tuesday, wake up in the morning and take a bath and take a clean seat in the place of worship of your home.

Now take a copper vessel and put Gangajal or raw milk in it and dip the garlic stone in it. After this chant ‘Om Ketve Namah’ 108 times.

When the chanting is completed, give incense-lamp and then wear this gem. This stone can be worn in gold or silver metal. Lahusnia should be worn in the middle finger.

In which hand Lahsuniya should be worn – Lahsuniya stone kis hath me pehne

Ketu’s gemstone Lahunia is worn on the middle finger of the right hand. You can also wear it in your working hand. It means that if a person is left hand then he can hold Lahusnia stone in his left hand.

Who should wear Lahsuniya gem – Lahsuniya ratan kise dharan karna chahiye

In the horoscope, Lahunia is worn when the planet Ketu has a vision in the wrong direction. It is also recommended to wear Lahusnia stone in the following situations:

Ketu should be aspected on 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th and 10th house.
Lahusnia can be worn when Ketu is with Mars, Jupiter or Venus.
When Ketu is with Sun or Sun is aspected on Ketu.
In the horoscope, Ketu is the constellation owner of the sub-owner of an auspicious planet or Ketu is sitting with the constellation owner of the fifth house.
If there is a vision of Ketu on the constellation owner of Dhanesh, Bhagyesh or the lord of the fourth house or during the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Ketu.
Who should wear Lahsunia Ratna – Lehsunia ratna kise pehnna chahiye

If Ketu is giving you inauspicious effects by sitting in a afflicted or debilitated zodiac in your horoscope, then in this situation you can wear the gemstone of Ketu, Lahunia. Apart from this, people investing money in the stock market and people who wish to get sudden money can also wear this stone.

Lahsuniya kab pahne

Ketu is considered to be a cruel and shadow planet and to avoid the ill effects of this planet, one should wear Lahsunia gemstone on Tuesday in auspicious time.

Mantra to wear Lasuniya Stone – Lehsunia ratna dharan karne ka mantra

Before wearing the Lahsuniya gemstone, chant the mantra ‘Om Ketwe Namah’ at least 108 times. The power of the stone increases further by chanting the mantra before wearing the stone.

These people should not wear gems – Kise lesunia ratna nahi pehnna chahiye

Like Rahu, Ketu is also a very powerful planet and its gem shows its effect very fast. Ketu does not have friendly relation with Mars and Moon, so the gems of these two planets i.e. coral and pearl should not be worn with Lahunia. There are some gemstones which when worn with Lahunia start giving wrong effect. In such a situation, a person should not wear coral and pearl gems with garlic.

Lahsuniya ka upratna

If for some reason you cannot wear Ketu’s gemstone Lahunia, then instead of it, you can wear Sangi and Godant. These two gems also give the same benefits as garlic.

Which place is best for Lahunia – Best quality cat’s eye gemstone in Hindi

The Lahunia Gemstone found in Sri Lanka is of the best quality. Next comes the Quartz Cats Eye, which is less valuable than Sri Lanka’s Lahusaniya.

Lahsunia stone price – Lehsunia stone price

The cost of Lahusnia Ratti in India ranges from Rs 1300 per ratti to Rs 22,000 per ratti. Quartz Cats Eye price in India ranges from Rs.225 to Rs.600 per ratti. The better the quality of the gemstone, the higher its cost.

Where to buy Lahsunia Gemstone – Lehsunia buy online

If you want to get certified and high quality garlic, then you can get it from JeewanMantra. You can also order this gem online. Contact on this number 9354299817 to get Lahusnia Ratna