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Tiger Eye Stone
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Tiger Eye Stone


Tiger Eye stone is the most effective remedy to avoid black magic and evil eye.

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Benefits of Tiger Stone – Benefits of Tiger Eye stone

This stone protects from black magic and ghosts. It also protects from evil eye and removes negative energy.
A person who fails repeatedly in business due to lack of self-confidence can get success under the influence of this gem. This gem bestows self-confidence and courage.
Tiger Eye Stone can bring a new ray of hope in the life of a person who is timid and sad and depressed.
For early marriage also, the ring of this gem should be worn on the index finger on the day of Rishi Panchami.
If someone has a child and he dies, then he should also wear this gem to get the happiness of children.
A person troubled by enemies can wear Tiger Eye Stone on Tuesday. The person in debt should wear the energized tiger eye stone on Friday in the form of a locket (tiger eye stone pendant) in white colored thread.
This gemstone is also worn to avoid mental stress or accidents.
Where to Buy Tiger Stone – Buy tiger eye stone online

Before wearing Tiger Eye stone, it is very important to invite it. You too should wear the energized tiger eye stone

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