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Pearl Stone
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Pearl Stone


Pearl is a very beautiful and attractive gemstone. The most important thing about this gemstone is that anyone can wear it. By wearing this stone, the person gets only auspicious results, so anyone can wear this gem.

In Vedic astrology, pearls have been called the gem of the moon. Whoever wears a pearl gets the benefits related to the moon.

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Moon is said to be the factor of the mind and it is the Moon that controls emotions and thoughts. Wearing pearl is very beneficial when the position of Moon is weak in the horoscope.

Moti Gemstone is white in color and it mostly comes in round shape. Pearls are also used a lot in jewellery. Moti is also called Pearl in English. Basically there are two types of pearl stone – fresh water pearl and other salt water pearl stone.

Pearl stone is also known as Mukta and Sheesha Ratna. Apart from white color pearl pink, yellow and red color are also found.

Pearl is the gemstone of the moon, so pearls are worn to get benefits in areas related to the moon. Moon is the fastest moving planet among the Navagrahas. In astrology, Moon is considered to be the cause of diseases related to mother, mind, mind, behavior, intelligence, uterus and fertility. If a person has any one of these problems, then wearing a pearl will be beneficial.

Benefits of Wearing Pearl Gemstone

Moon is said to be the karaka of the mind, so wearing Moon’s gemstone pearl gives stability to the mind and removes negative thoughts from the mind.

If there is a rift or estrangement between husband and wife, then pearl stone has the ability to fix that too. The effect of pearl increases love, trust and affection in relationships.

People who lack self-confidence or who are not able to express their views openly, they should also wear pearl stone.

Pearl stone also keeps away from negative energies and thoughts.

Pearl stone can also be worn to increase the memory power. Those people whose memory is weak or whose mind is not engaged in studies, they should also wear pearls.

If your mind is not stable or you do not understand what you want to do in life then you should wear pearl stone. This stone makes a person mentally strong.

Health benefits of pearl – Pearl stone health benefits in Hindi

Pearls are especially beneficial for women. This stone has the power to cure diseases related to reproduction and provide healthy life to women.

The most effective and easy way to remove mental stress is to wear pearls. This stone also treats depression.

If a person does not sleep at night or has a problem of insomnia, then pearls are also beneficial for them.

Pearl also protects from diseases related to eyes.

Pearl stone can be worn to avoid heart diseases.

If a person has got any disease due to water or contaminated water, then he should also wear pearl.

Moti kitne ratti ka pehne

Moti Ratna should be worn at least between 6 to 8 Rattis. The easiest way to find out how many pearls you should wear is to look at your weight. Suppose your weight is 60 kg, then you will benefit from wearing emerald for 6 rattis.

Moti ratna kis dhatu me pehnana chahiye

Silver metal is most beneficial for the pearl stone of the moon. You can wear pearl by inlaying it in a silver locket or ring.

Moti ratna dharan vidhi in Hindi

Moon gemstone pearl should be worn on Monday. Wearing Pearl Stone on the first Monday of Shukla Paksha is most beneficial. On Monday morning, after daily work and bath etc., take a clean seat in the temple established in your home and sit.

How to wear pearl gem – Now take a copper vessel and pour Gangajal or raw milk in it and dip the pearl in it. After this, chant the moon seed mantra ‘Om Somay Namah’ 108 times. After the chanting is completed, give incense-lamp and take out the gem from the vessel and wear it after cleaning it. The pearl gemstone ring should be worn on the Kanishka finger.

Moti ratna kise pehnana chahiye

The ruling planet of Cancer is Moon, so the people of Cancer zodiac can wear Pearl Stone. Apart from this, people born between June 21 and July 20 have this lucky gem. If you were born between 21st June to 20th July and your name is Hi, Hu, Ho, Da, Dee, Dey and Do, then you can wear this gemstone.

Apart from this, wearing a pearl stone is also beneficial in the case of Moon being weak or in a debilitated sign or afflicted in the horoscope. Moti stone is worn to strengthen and strengthen the moon.

Effect of pearl stone on 12 zodiac signs

The people of Aries zodiac can wear the pearl of the Moon. There is a friendly relationship between Mars, the lord of Aries, and Moon, the lord of the fourth house. Therefore, Aries people can wear white pearls. This gemstone brings happiness, good friends in your life and the mother of the person wearing this gemstone has good health.


If Moon is sitting in own or exalted sign and Moon’s Mahadasha and Antardasha is going on, then the people of Taurus zodiac can wear pearl stone. This gemstone brings courage, strength and confidence in the life of the people of Taurus zodiac and the person has a peaceful relationship with his siblings.


During Mahadasha and Upadasha, when the Moon is placed in its own sign or exalted sign, Gemini people can wear pearls. People of Gemini sign wear pearls and negate the Moon.

Can nullify the effect. Wearing this gemstone improves relations with family members. The person gets opportunities to increase his sources of income.

Cancer zodiac sign

People of Cancer zodiac get a lot of benefit from wearing Moon stone pearls. Moon is the lord and benefic planet of the Ascendant house, so wearing its gemstone pearl gives many benefits in the areas related to Moon. Wearing pearls in the mahadasha and antardasha of the moon is even more fruitful.

Leo sun sign

During Mahadasha and Antardasha, when Moon is in Cancer, the people of Leo zodiac can wear pearl stone. Due to this, people of Leo zodiac get foreign travel and spiritual benefits.


Virgo natives can wear pearls when the Moon sign is placed in Cancer in the horoscope of Virgo natives. This increases the income and makes a good relation with the person’s maternal uncle. Business and other areas also benefit.


Libra natives can wear white pearls during the Mahadasha of Moon. If the Moon is giving inauspicious results in the horoscope of a Libra person, then wearing a pearl in this situation helps to eliminate the negative effects of the Moon.


Being the lord of the ninth house of the Moon, the people of Scorpio zodiac can wear pearl stone. Moon is the karaka of luck and happiness, so wearing this gemstone brings honor and luck to the people of Scorpio.


With the Moon in Cancer or Taurus and during the Mahadasha of the Moon, Sagittarius can wear Pearl Stone.


During the Mahadasha and Antardasha of the Moon, when the Moon is in its own sign or exalted sign, Capricorns can wear a pearl stone. Wearing this stone brings happiness and peace in married life.


During the Mahadasha and Upadasha of the Moon, Aquarius can wear Pearl Stone.


Moon is the lord of the fifth house, which is beneficial for the people of Pisces, so Pisces people can wear white pearls throughout their life. Wearing pearls with topaz gives double benefits. Wearing pearls during the mahadasha and antardasha of the moon will prove to be very beneficial for the people of Pisces.

don’t wear these gems

Although Moon, the owner of pearl gemstone, has friendly relations with most of the planets, but Moon has an enemy relationship with Rahu and Ketu, so Lahunia and Onyx should not be worn with pearls.

Effect of Moon, the lord of pearls on life

In Vedic astrology, the Moon is considered the factor of the mind. According to astrologers, the mind can become balanced and wander under the influence of Moon. The Moon is the brightest planet after the Sun. If Moon is sitting in the ascendant house of the horoscope then that person looks beautiful and attractive. He has courage and patience and gives more importance to principles in his life.

If Moon is sitting in a strong position, then the person gets positive results and the person becomes mentally strong. His mental state is fine and his attention does not wander. Such a person does not doubt his thoughts and decisions. There is a good relationship with the mother in the family and their mother’s health is also good.

On the other hand, if the Moon is sitting in a weak position in the horoscope, then he has to face many problems, which include mental stress and loss of confidence. Apart from this, these people also do not have a good relationship with their mother and there is unrest in their married life. A person gets very angry when the Moon is weak and has no control over his tongue. Because of this, the person has to face depression and his memory is also weak. There is some problem in their mother’s life also.

According to Vedic astrology, Moon is considered to be the most effective planet because it is the lord of mind, emotions, behavior, mood and instincts. The Moon controls our mind and nature while the Sun is the factor in how the world sees us.

The influence of Moon makes a person kind, generous, sensitive, creative, imaginative and spontaneous. It is also related to fertility and femininity.

In Hindu mythology too, the moon is said to be the doer of the mind. Lord Shiva himself has worn them on his head. Along with this, Monday, the auspicious day of Lord Shiva, is considered as the day of the moon.

Moti ratna ka upratna

If for some reason you are not able to wear pearls, then instead of pearls, you can wear moonstone, opal or white coral.

Where is pearl found – Best quality pearl stone in Hindi

The best quality pearls are considered to be from Japan and Australia. Pearls are also produced in large quantities in China, French Polynesia.

Pearls are found inside the sea all over the world. Natural sea pearl gemstone is found in Australia, Japan, Central America, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Manar, Coast of Madagascar, Burma, Philippines, South America.

The pearls of Japan and Australia are the best. Pearlstone is also produced in large quantities in China and French Polynesia. Culture Pearl and Tahitian Pearl are found here.

In which finger should you wear pearls?

Every gem gets benefits only when it is used according to law and rules.

To be worn According to Ratna Shastra, the pearl should be worn in the junior finger. You can wear this pearl as a ring or a locket. If you are wearing a pearl stone ring, then wear it on the little finger of your right hand.

In this context, you have to take special care of the fact that certain rules have been made regarding wearing every gemstone and if you do not follow these rules then you may not get the full fruit of that gemstone.

on which day pearl should be worn

Lord Shiva is the lord of Moon and Monday is dedicated to Shiva. Moonstone pearls should be worn on Mondays only. On Monday, the second day of the week is considered auspicious to wear Pearl Stone.

If the Moon is weak and to make it strong, you should worship Lord Shiva and Chandra Dev on Monday. Moon is the factor of mind and wearing pearl strengthens the mind and good mental health.

In which hand should you wear pearls?

Any stone ring is worn on the working hand only. This means that with whichever hand you do all your work, the ring should be worn on the little finger of the same hand. If a person works with the left hand, then he should wear a pearl stone ring in the left hand. Moti Ratna is worn on the little finger of the right hand.

pearl wearing mantra

Before wearing the Moon’s auspicious gemstone Moti, one should chant the Moon Gem at least 108 times. Chanting the mantra before wearing the stone increases the effect of the stone and the wearer gets more benefits from this stone. The mantra for wearing a pearl stone is: ‘Om Somay Namah’.

Apart from this, you can also chant the following other mantras:

Vedic Mantra: Om Im Deva Aspantam Gvam Suvaghyam. Mahte Kshatray Mahate Jyishthay Mahte Janrajayayendsayendriyay Imammudhyay Putrammudhyay Putramasaya Vish Vomi Raj: Somasmakam Brahmanana Gwan Raja.

Mythological Mantra: Om Dadhishankhatusharabham Ksirodarnavasambhavam. Namami Shashinam Soma Shambhormukutbhushanam.

Gayatri Mantra: Om Amritanga Angaye Vidhamhe Kalarupaya Dhimahi, Tanno Som Prachodayat.

In which Muhurta should pearl gems be worn

Moon is the owner of pearl stone whose auspicious day is considered to be Monday. Therefore, the stone pearl of the Moon should be worn on Monday in Pushya Nakshatra. Apart from this, pearl stone can also be worn in Rohini, Hasta and Shravan. If you are not able to wear pearl in this Muhurta, then you can wear it on Monday of Shukla Paksha and Hora of Moon.

Pearl gives effect in how many days – Pearl effects in how many days

White pearl starts showing its effect within four days after wearing the stone and its full effect is available for about two years. After this the pearl stone becomes inactive and the person has to wear a new pearl stone.

how are pearls

Pearl is as white and shiny as the moon. Instead of white pearls, you will get a cream colored or white colored pearl stone with a slight yellowness or pinkness. This gemstone comes in round and oval shape and does not have any spots or stains on it.

Moti ka upratna – Moti ka upratna

If a person cannot wear the Moon Gem Pearl due to any reason, then he can wear Moonstone, the gemstone of Moon. Moonstone is very beneficial in increasing luck and eliminating negative energies. Wearing this stone awakens the sixth sense and helps in solving problems related to love life and business.

Actors or people who want to make a name in the acting world have a lot of benefits by wearing moonstone. On the other hand, even if you want to do something different, you can wear a pearl under the moon. Moonstone also gives the same effect and benefit as pearl.

Technical composition of pearls

Pearls are made of calcium carbonate and can be natural or synthetic. Pearls mostly come in white and cream colours.

The pearl is given as 2.5 on the Mohs scale. This means that this gemstone is very soft and can be easily scratched, so great care should be taken with this gemstone.

Moti Ratna Price in India

Moti Ratna price in India starts from Rs.1000 per Ratti. The cost of pearl stone can go up to Rs 2 lakh per ratti and above.

Where to buy pearl gems – Pearl stone buy online

If you want to get certified and high quality pearl gems, then you can get it from Jeewanmantra. You can also order this gem online. Contact on this number to get Moti Ratna – 9354299817

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