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Indian Orange/Red Coral Gemstone
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Indian Orange/Red Coral Gemstone


Red colored coral gemstone pacifies the doshas of Mars as well as relieves from debt and gives the person the power to overcome all the troubles and obstacles that come in his path. This miraculous gem eliminates the Manglik dosha of the horoscope.

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Coral is a very powerful, beautiful and attractive gemstone. Wearing this stone makes a person courageous and brave and his confidence increases. In Vedic astrology, coral is worn to remove the inauspicious effects of the aggressive planet Mars and to get its blessings.

It is believed that this stone helps to please the planet Mars. Mars is the significator of war and energy. The orange color of this planet is considered a symbol of blood. It is also called ‘Son of the earth’ because of its presence and being close to the earth.

Red coral is also called Moonga or Munga in Indian sub-regions. This gemstone is being used in jewelry for the past many years.

This gemstone is found in the depths of the sea and a special type of animal produces this gem. The plant from which coral originates is 2 to 3 feet in length. Coral is also studied in botany due to its formation from vegetation. It hardens when exposed to air outside the ocean.

Benefits of wearing Desi orange Coral Gemstone

Coral stone bestows the power to face troubles and enemies. Since, this gemstone is associated with Mars, wearing it gives a person the power to overcome all the troubles and obstacles in his path.

If due to the inauspicious position of Mars, if a person lacks patience, gets more angry or is upset, then wearing orange coral will be of great benefit to him.

The biggest advantage of wearing coral is that it helps in removing the Manglik Dosha associated with Mars. Due to Manglik Dosha, problems arise in the marriage of a person and his married life is also deprived of happiness. Coral stone enhances love and mutual understanding in relationships. If you have Manglik dosha in your horoscope then you should also wear coral stone after getting horoscope analysis done by astrologer.

Coral also has a direct impact on business and business. Wearing this stone also protects the wearer from black magic and evil eye.

If a person is in debt or is troubled by financial constraints, then he will also benefit from wearing Mars coral stone. The energy contained in coral can help in getting rid of debt in a short time.

According to Indian astrology, coral represents ‘Mangalya Balam’. This strengthens the marital relationship and prolongs the life of the spouse. Wearing it gives longevity to the husband of women.

  • If a person is facing difficult situations in his life, then wearing coral gives him patience and courage.
  • Wearing it gives strength to face the difficulties and troubles in life with self-respect.
  • If you want to be a leader or you lack leadership qualities then you will benefit from wearing coral.

Health Benefits of Desi Red Coral Birthstone

If a person starts feeling tired very soon, then he should wear coral. This stone gives energy. This stone also has healing properties/ it helps in preventing acne, blemishes and skin diseases. Apart from this, it purifies the blood and heals wounds and wounds.

  • This gemstone can also be worn to stay mentally healthy. It also removes depression and gives energy to the brain.
  • This stone prevents abortion, fever, piles, impotence, typhus and small mother etc.
  • This stone protects children from diseases like rickets and colic.
  • Coral also helps in treating knee ailments, arthritis and rheumatism.

What should be the weight of Indian orange coral Stone?

A coral stone of five to six carats should be worn. Coral stone starts showing its effect within 9 days after wearing and its effect lasts for 3 years. It is beneficial to wear Japanese and Italian coral for better results and benefits.

The easiest way to know how many pieces of coral you should wear is to look at your weight. Suppose your weight is 60 kg, then you will benefit from wearing 6 ratti of coral.

Can Desi Moonga be worn in silver?

The gemstone of Mars, coral should be worn in gold or copper metal as both of these are metals of Mars. The coral stone ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

How to wear a Desi Moonga Gemstone

The coral ring or locket should be worn in copper, gold or Panchdhatu. Take a bath on Tuesday morning of Shukla Paksha and sit on a clean seat in the place of worship of the house.

Now soak the coral stone in Gangajal/cow’s milk/fresh water for at least 10 minutes. After this chant the mantra ‘Om Mangalaya Namah’ 108 times. Burn incense and wear this gem facing the sun.

Who should wear Red Coral Stone?

The coral stone of Mars can be worn in the following positions of the planets in the horoscope:

  • Mars is sitting in any house with Rahu or Saturn.
  • When Mars is situated in the first house of the horoscope.
  • When Mars is in the 4th house, it creates differences between siblings.
  • If Mars is in 7th and 10th house, it harms the life partner.
  • If the sub lord is situated in his 11th, 9th, fourth, fifth or twelfth house in the constellation lord of the second house.
  • If the constellation lord Mars of the ninth house
  • Enter the house or the constellation lord Mars of the tenth house enters the fifth or eleventh house.
  • Wearing coral proves to be very beneficial when Mars is aspected on the seventh, tenth and eleventh house.
  • If Mars is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house and Mars is aspecting the Sun.
  • If Mars is sitting with Moon in the horoscope, then wearing coral in this position helps in improving the financial condition.
  • Mars should have vision on the sixth and eighth house or Mars is in the path or retrograde motion.

Who Should Wear A Desi Red Coral Gemstone

Orange Coral Stone for Aries People

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, so coral gemstone will prove to be very auspicious for you. Mars is the lord of the ascendant and the eighth house, so Aries people can wear this stone throughout their life. This will give you courage, good health, prestige, prestige.

If Aries people are suffering from any disease then they must wear coral. This will cure your disease soon. Wearing coral in the Mahadasha and Updasha of Mars proves to be very beneficial.

Monga Gemstone for Taurus People

You can wear coral when Mars is passing through the Mahadasha. Apart from this, even if Mars is situated in Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn, you can wear this orange colored stone. Wearing coral to the people of Taurus zodiac gives happiness and peace in married life and gets the pleasure of traveling abroad.

Red coral gemstone for Gemini

If Mars is in 6th house in Scorpio and 11th house in Aries, then you can wear coral. Coral can be worn even after passing through the Mahadasha of Mars. By wearing coral, Gemini people get freedom from diseases, enemies and debts. This improves the source of income. Coral is beneficial even if Mars is in own sign or exalted sign.

Red Coral Birthstone for Cancer

Since Mars is a very auspicious planet for the people of Cancer sign and Mars itself is the lord of fifth and tenth house, therefore the people of Cancer zodiac can wear coral. Wearing it increases your knowledge and intelligence.

Moonga Ratna for Leo Sign

Mars is the lord of 4th and 9th house, so Leo people can wear this stone. Mars will prove to be very beneficial for you. Wearing it is fruitful when the Mahadasha of Mars is going on. Coral will give you double results when worn with Sun’s gem Ruby.

Red Coral for Virgo People

If Mars is sitting in its own sign i.e. Scorpio and Aries and Mahadasha of Mars is going on, then you can take coral initiative.

Coral Gemstone for Libra Sign

When Mars is sitting in the sign Aries and Scorpio and is situated in the exalted sign i.e. Capricorn, then the people of Libra zodiac are benefitted by wearing coral. Wearing coral even during the Mahadasha of Mars gives you auspicious results.

Effects of orange Coral Stone on Scorpio Sign

Since Mars is the ruling planet of this zodiac, the people of Scorpio zodiac can wear coral throughout their life. Wearing coral even during the Mahadasha of Mars gives you auspicious results.

Munga Gemstone for Sagittarius

Mars is the lord of the fifth and twelfth house, so the coral stone of Mars will prove to be auspicious for you. You will get double benefit by wearing coral with topaz.

Red Coral Gemstone for Capricorn

If Mars is in exalted sign i.e. Capricorn and Aries or Scorpio, then you will benefit from wearing coral. You can wear orange coral stone even in the Mahadasha of Mars.

Moonga Gemstone for Aquarius

If Mars is in exalted sign i.e. Capricorn and Aries or Scorpio, then you will benefit from wearing coral. You can wear red coral stone even in the Mahadasha of Mars.

Red Coral Gemstone for Pisces

Mars is the lord of the second and ninth house in the horoscope, so Mars gives auspicious results for your zodiac. Wearing coral will bring you luck, prosperity, wealth, name and prestige.

Don’t wear these gems with Desi Red Coral Gemstone

  • Emerald
  • Cat’s Eye
  • Onyx

Sub-stone of Red Coral Gemstone

If a person cannot take coral due to any reason, then he can wear its sub-stone i.e. Carnelian, Ratuva, Red Jasper and Red Aqeeq Stone.

Where is Best quality of red coral stone found

Italian red coral is of the best quality. Italian or Japanese coral is the most preferred because of its excellent color and affordable price. Apart from this, coral stone is also found in America, Burma, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

Red Coral Gemstone Price in India

Orange Coral Gemstone price in India starts from Rs.1500 per Carat however Zohari.In manage to provide this stone at a very low price of 530Rs. per ratti. Good quality of red coral stone is available for Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 per Carat. The cost of Coral Gemstone depends on its colour, size, shape & origin.

Buy the best quality Red Coral Stone

If you want to get certified and high quality coral, then you can get it from Zohari.in, You can check the quality and certification of the gem on our website. If you still have any queries you can contact us at support@zohari.in or call us 9310384353.

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