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Sunstone is such a miracle stone that improves digestion and physical strength. This stone helps in protecting against heart-related diseases, controlling cholesterol and obesity. This gemstone increases the confidence and will power of the person.

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Let us know what are the benefits of wearing Sunstone and what is the method of wearing it.

Benefits of Sunstone

By wearing this beautiful and miraculous stone, a person gets the following benefits:

Sunstone contains solar energy and contains the power and heat of the sun. Wearing this stone removes stress and brings mental clarity.

It is a powerful stone that can be used to create joy and positive emotions in life.

Wearing this stone promotes metabolism and digestion and increases the strength of the body.

This stone is also worn to enhance and enhance the quality of leadership in a person. Wearing it brings innovation in the thoughts of the person.

If you are stressed out or suffer from a seasonal illness such as a sore throat, sunstones can help you get rid of it.

Sunstone is also very beneficial for businessmen. If you want to increase your business or are troubled by the loss in business, then Sunstone can remove your problems.

This stone is also worn to improve mood and increase sexual power. It removes laziness from the body and motivates to achieve higher goals of life. This brings energy to the body.

Being a Sun stone, wearing Sunstone makes a person bright, fearless, courageous and strong like the Sun.

The effect of this stone brings mental stability, mental peace and maturity in life.

Sunstone improves the decision making ability of the wearer and communicates positive thoughts towards life.

Increases respect in the society and good qualities increase in the person. This stone also helps in keeping healthy by protecting from diseases.

People working in politics must wear sunstone. People sitting in high position get benefit from wearing sunstone.
identification of sunstones

Sunstone comes in a variety of colors and can be yellow, orange and red. Its color depends on the size of the copper platelets inside the stone. Copper platelets give a pink or red color to the stone. Some sunstones can be dark green or even blue.

How to wear sunstone

You should wear this stone of Sun God only on Sunday. With this, you can get maximum benefits of this miraculous gem.

Sunstone ring should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. It can be worn in gold metal or in Panchdhatu. You can wear it in silver or platinum also.

Sunstone should be worn on Sunday morning. After taking bath in the morning, sit in the worship place of the house and pour Gangajal, basil leaves, raw cow’s milk, honey and ghee in a copper bowl or vessel. Now put the sunstone in it.

After this chant ‘Om Ghrini Suryay Namah’ 108 times. Now remove and clean the sunstone and wear it.

In which metal should I wear Sunstone?

Like Ruby, the main gemstone of the Sun, its Uparatna should also be worn in gold. After this, you can wear this stone in Panchadhatu, silver or even white gold.

Which finger to wear Sunstone

Like ruby, sunstone should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Wear a sunstone ring on the ring finger of the hand with which you do most of your work.

What day to wear sunstone

Being a stone of the Sun, this stone should be worn on Sundays. You can wear it on Monday also.

Sunstone price

Depending on the quality of the sunstone, its price starts from Rs 500 per ratti and can go up to 2000 per ratti.

Who should wear sunstone

According to Vedic astrology, Sunstone is ruled by Sun God and the people of Pisces, Leo and Libra can wear this stone. If you have Pisces, Libra or Leo, then you can wear Sunstone without any hesitation.

Where to get

Any gem or stone benefits only when its quality is good. Genuine and high quality stone key should be worn otherwise there is no use in wearing it.

Sunstone will be sent to you by Zohari after being enchanted with the mantras of Sun God. So you can order sunstone from Zohari without any hesitation.