925k Sterling Gold/Silver Or 22k Pure Gold Red Coral Ring
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925k Sterling Gold/Silver Or 22k Pure Gold Red Coral Ring


925k Sterling Gold/Silver Red Coral Gemstone, Red Handmade Ring Stone for Men & Women, Zodiac Ring ActiveRed Coral Gemstone

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This collection of natural red coral captures the essence of the vivid shades of nature. Ring is made of 100% Sterling Silver/Artificial Gold and 22k Pure Gold with natural Red Coral in the center.

♥ Benefits of Red Coral ♥

Red Coral is the gem of the planet Mars. Red Coral gemstone imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness in the individual.
This gemstone is not only beautiful and attractive in appearance but its astrological benefits are also amazing. In Vedic astrology, this gemstone has amazing healing effects.

♥ Wearing the Mars gemstone Red Coral, energy is transmitted in the body. The person wearing this gemstone has all the qualities of the Mars God.
♥ Wearing this stone also increases the person’s pride. Red Coral means that the person who wears the ​​stone gets respect in the society.
♥ The power of this gemstone brings leadership qualities in a person, with the help of which he can work in the official and administrative field.
♥ With the auspicious effect of Mars God, the person’s self-confidence increases and his tendency to hesitate is also removed.
♥ Red Coral also enhances the feeling of passion, love, enthusiasm and compassion. This gem also increases the attractiveness of the person.

In the horoscope, when the Mars is in the second or fourth house, there is a rift with the members of the family. In such a situation, to strengthen family relationships, the Mars gem Red Coral ​​should be worn.

If you want to get a government job, then Red Coral stone can help you in fulfilling this wish.

♥ This gemstone is also worn for profit and progress in business.
♥ If there are problems or obstacles in your career or you are not able to get the job you want, then pearl stone can help you in this direction.
♥ Red Coral stone is also worn to get promotion.

♥ Health Benefits of Red Coral Stone ♥

♥ Wearing Red Coral ​​is also advised to fight depression and to overcome it.
♥ Red Coral stone can also remove eye diseases and disorders related to blood circulation.
♥ Red Coral stone has the power to remove fluctuations in blood pressure, heart related problems and bleeding disorders.
♥ Red Coral stone can be used to cure high and low blood pressure and disorders related to brain and lungs.
♥ This stone purifies the blood and helps in keeping the heart and liver healthy.
♥ Red Coral controls bile in the body.

♥ C A R I N G . I N S T R U C T I O N S ♥

We understand that you don’t want to take our jewelry off. So keeping that in mind we provide the best quality plating. However, to keep it looking its best, here are some helpful tips:

1. Always make sure your jewelry is kept away from the effects of water, sweat, perfumes and body lotions.
2. Please remove your jewelry before engaging in activities such as swimming, bathing and sleeping.
3. Your jewelry pieces should be the last thing you put on after dressing and make-up.
4. To keep your jewelry looking fresh for a long time we recommend storing it in a jewelry pouch.

♥ P A C K A G I N G . I N C L U D E ♥
– 925k Sterling Gold/Silver Red Coral Ring

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